3 March, 2018

About us


With hundreds of satisfied customers, Stoneworld has quietly grown to become the premier organization to add beauty, value and quality of life to the exterior of your home.

High customer satisfaction remains our top priority and steady growth has been our experience. Our company culture is based upon biblical practices which has resulted in a collection of talented, long term associates in the industry. Our seasoned designers and installers have many more years experience than the average company. With our wealth of experience we can fine tune blends of color, texture, and patterns that delights our customers and distinguish us from the rest. We strive for new, creative award winning designs.

People “in the know” in our industry refer their family and friends to Stoneworld. We often hear, “just go with Stoneworld, they are the best.” They are fully confident that we will do a good job and stand by our word.

For long term security, Stoneworld has a dedicated customer service team that takes care of any odds and ends that come a long years after we have completed a project.

Posted by Stone World Construction Inc. on Friday, August 22, 2014