3 March, 2018



Interlocking pavers are extremely easy to maintain.

If the installation has been done properly by an experienced, certified installer, the pavers will be virtually maintenance free. They are also extremely durable and will stand up well under many harsh climates and conditions.

Pavers tolerate the weight of vehicles better than other products, and the loss of colour over time is minimal.

It is however, extremely important to make sure that the interlocking pavers selected meet the highest level of industry standards. It is very important to remember that the maintenance of this product has a direct relationship with the abilities of the contractor doing the installation, and the quality of the product used.

Remember to always ask the contractor what type of qualifications and experience he/she has, ask for references, a portfolio, and which brick distributors they use.

If a quality product and installer is used and any unforeseen problems occur, remember that interlocking pavers allow for easy repair: broken bricks can be replaced, sunken or dislodged bricks can also be lifted and repaired. The ability to re-use existing materials allows for huge savings to the homeowner because unless the bricks are broken, they can be re-used in the repair. If you have ruts or dips in your paved surface, it is easier and cheaper to repair than most people believe.